What an unforgettable day it was! On Tuesday, 15th October 2019 40 young and excitable Grade 7 pupils from Waterfall Preparatory School congregated on the corridors outside their classrooms anxiously waiting to leave for their outreach trip to Siyajabula Pre-School, one of Focus on iThemba’s ten partnering ECD centres. As part of their entrepreneurs day, the Grade 7s were challenged to allocate a portion of their total profit to Focus on iThemba’s ECD Programme. These young entrepreneurs managed to raise an incredible R 3,119.45 which was allocated towards teacher and business training. Today, they were going to see the fruits of their generosity!

Arriving at the school, the group received a warm greeting from Buyi Ngongoma, Principal and Owner of Siyajabula as she proudly introduced them to all her teachers and supporting staff. Waterfall Preparatory learners were then encouraged to break up into smaller groups and join in on the learning activities of the 3 age groups.

Siyajabula Pre-School partnered with Focus on iThemba in 2012 where they became one of the first centres to benefit from our ECD Programme. The school houses 50 bright young learners aged 4 months to 5 years old, 4 ECD trained teachers and 1 cook.

Waterfall Schools have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Siyajabula for a number of years and we are always so encouraged by the beautiful exchange of joy and happiness when our youth meet.