2020 Joy Opportunities

1. Project Star

The space in which NPOs operate is challenging as there are often no easy, straight-forward solutions. If there were a simple path to follow there wouldn’t be such an immense need for intervention! There is undeniable evidence that the first five years of a child’s life is crucial to brain development. In order to secure a solid foundation for future learning and growth, it is vitally important that children receive the necessary care, stimulation and nutrition during these early years. While we need to be looking at Early Childhood Development through the lens of socio-economic prosperity and the recognized results it has for the stability of a Country, ECD is also about the protection and promotion of a child’s wellbeing. There are countless children in the communities on our doorstep whose welfares are sadly being compromised due to insufficient ECD.

Focus on iThemba’s Educare Programme has committed to facilitating another structural upgrade where at the start of 2020, we partnered with Inkanyezi Pre-School, otherwise referred to as Project Star, to bring transformation and quality ECD care to the classroom. Following the transformation journeys of Project Joy (2019) and Project Bright (2017), Project Star will mirror the model that contributed to the success of each of the previous structural upgrades.


Established in 2008, Inkanyezi Pre-School’s learning facilities currently comprise of two Wendy houses, with only one being used as a classroom as the other is in a very dilapidated condition. To add to this, a major disadvantage is that children and staff have access to only one toilet and tap on the property, not only making the conditions non-conducive to quality learning but also a great health concern. In addition, the outdoor play equipment, which is vital for the development of a child’s gross motor skills, is in disrepair. 


The plan is to mirror the successful Project Joy and Bright models by using recycled shipping containers for three classroom spaces for each age group (3: 6m x 5m in size) one for toilets, one for a kitchen space, while the other two are for housing an office and storage facility. The model ensures an educational environment where over 50 children are given the opportunity to shine.

Improvements will also include new classroom educational kits, kitchen facilities, outdoor play equipment and improved access to the Pre-School. 

Speaking about the value of true collaboration and partnership, Donor Relations Manager at Focus on iThemba, Tayla-Anne Goss says, “Our team are incredibly blessed with another opportunity to collaborate with donors and partners in facilitating life-altering transformation through a third Pre-School Upgrade.” Goss went on to say, “We have seen the remarkable impact that the Project Joy and Project Bright initiatives made on the lives of principals, teachers and children and we look forward to the promise this brings for Project Star as well.”

Organisations or individuals that would like to support this life-altering transformation project are encouraged to contact us on 031 710 1800 or tayla@focusonithemba.org.

2. ECD Teacher Training

“NELRU Training has played a big role in my Pre-School and it empowers us as individuals to improve the way we teach. In 10 years’ time, I see myself running a well-developed school in my community, where the children can speak fluently in English and isiZulu.” Mrs Mncube, Embo Child Educare Centre

The first 2000 days of life, from conception to age two opens a vast window of opportunity. During this stage a child’s brain can form 1000 neural connections every second. It is our mission to work with ten local Pre-Schools to ensure tomorrow’s generation gets the best start today. One of our core focus areas from a funding perspective is for teacher and principal training. For a 2019 funding proposal on how you or your company can partner with us to empower teachers and elevate the classroom experience for little ones please be in touch.

1. Teaching Training: 
NQF Level 4 Course (for 4 teachers): R15 000 each
Orientation Course (for 10 teachers): R6 500 each
Basic EduCare Course (for 10 teachers): R1 500 each
Baby, Toddler Storytelling course (for 3 teachers): R1 500 each
Transportation to training courses: R150 000 per annum
Business Management Training: R9 500 per annum
First Aid Level 1 Training: R9 500 per annum
Basic Fire Fighting Training: R8 000 per annum
2. Educational Kits:
Baby, toddler and pre-Grade R kit  R15 000 per annum
BrainBoosters Parent Kit x 10  R3 684 per kit
3. Outsourced Project Management:        R30 000 per annum


3. iThemba Scholars Education Fund

The dynamic and unique iThemba Scholarship Programme offers scholarships for 100% tuition at Waterfall Schools to selected pupils from the Pre-Schools with which we partner. As of 2020 and through the support of forwarding-thinking donors, 12 boys and girls have benefited from this life-changing programme.  In addition, our youngest iThemba foster child is benefiting from an excellent education at Waterfall College. The Fund collectively aims to support two new children annually. Our goal is to offer the pupils the opportunity to complete their schooling on our iThemba Campus through to Grade 12 level. If you are moved to support this Fund to help our team ensure the sustainability of this fundamental programme please be in touch. 

4. Campus Development and Sustainability

Focus on iThemba has strategically prioritised investing in education and this thinking has led to our journey of developing our trio of world-class Waterfall Schools on our iThemba Campus. Our 41-acre campus is a now complete educational hub housing Waterfall Schools; Pre-Primary, Preparatory, and College which offer affordable, personalised, IEB quality education where boys and girls can thrive. This exciting and unique vision is the greater sustainability arm for the future of Focus on iThemba.

Please contact us for a full funding proposal. We warmly welcome you to visit us for a personal campus tour.