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We could not be more excited to have our effective parenting workshops with Focus on the Family start up again at Project Faith. These workshops are designed to empower and equip parents, guardians or caregivers with the right knowledge and tools to promote the holistic development of the child.

A strength of our iThemba Educare Programme is the power partnerships we have with various organisations who are each fulfilling an important role in the development of a child’s formative brain. Understanding that each role functions to support the other, the programme finds value in working together to achieve holistic Early Childhood Development.

Since 2019, over 20 parents have benefited from our effective parenting workshops with Focus on the Family and another 20 are set to benefit from this current instalment. “Our aim is to have facilitated as many of these workshops as possible by the end of the year and ultimately in all ten schools,” says Tayla-Anne Goss, Focus on iThemba Team Leader. “Our programme recognises the importance of parenting in the wholesome development of the child and what a significant role parents play in shaping the futures of their children. Through our partnership with Focus on the Family we aim to empower our parents with the knowledge to positively influence the development of their children and equip them with the right tools to Grow their Hearts and Minds.”

The workshops are interactive in nature and cover helpful topics like

  • Understanding childhood stages
  • Effective communication between parent and child
  • Behaviour and discipline
  • Parenting techniques
  • Support with school

We are grateful to Focus on the Family for sharing their value with us!

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