In 2003, a dream came to fruition when Hillcrest residents Danie and Judy van den Heever’s aspirations to facilitate significant change for the youth in the Valley of 1000 Hills area were realised. Through faith, a strong calling to make a difference and the support of key donors, they established the accredited public benefit (18A), non-profit organisation Focus on iThemba. iThemba means ‘hope’ in isiZulu and through incredible teamwork, passion and the kindness of the human spirit this ‘place of hope’ has benefitted many.

Danie, a successful businessman and executive CEO, is involved on a voluntary basis and his business skills have been instrumental in ensuring that Focus on iThemba has a sustainable impact on the surrounding community. This place of hope was built on the values to raise leaders who will have a positive impact on future generations to come.

The 41 acre iThemba Campus sits adjacent to Embo Valley, overlooking the striking Valley of 1000 Hills, and is ideally situated for working with previously disadvantaged children in the rural area of Hillcrest. Over the years and observing the need in the community, the direction of the NPO has shifted to shining a light more to education. Today the vision is to ‘Grow Hearts and Minds’ by investing in children through quality education, resulting in life-altering positive change.

“If you plant for a day you plant flowers, if you plant for years then you plant trees, if you plant for eternity you plant ideas and time into the lives of young people.”

Mr. Danie van den Heever

Founder and Executive Chairman at Focus on iThemba