A place of Hope – iThemba Campus

Our 41 acre iThemba Campus continues to be an indigenous haven for flora and fauna. Our landscaping philosophy embraces the abundant diversity of indigenous plant species that we have been blessed with in KwaZulu-Natal. We hope to cultivate an appreciation and awareness for the diverse and unique ecosystem around us, both above and below the ground, bringing about a sense of ‘Biodiversity Stewardship’ and a responsibility towards leaving this legacy for those who follow. Our team is active in the narrative regarding Carbon Footprint Reduction and has undertaken to implement measures to offset the baseline, campus wide. At the end of 2019, Waterfall Pre-Primary, located on our campus, had 64 solar panels installed on their roof as a substantial contribution to reducing electricity usage. We feel strongly about the importance of conservation and our active involvement in making a difference – watch this space!

2016 marked a significant turning point at Focus on iThemba with the opening of our state of the art Waterfall Pre-Primary school.This success story is indicative of the great need for quality affordable schooling in the Waterfall and Hillcrest areas. Waterfall Preparatory School welcomed its first pupils in January 2017 from Grade R to Grade 3 and in 2018 welcomed Grade 4 to Grade 7 pupils. Waterfall Schools is part of the greater sustainability programme for the longevity of Focus on iThemba, as the occupation of these classroom buildings will result in funding being raised for our NPO.