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Planet earth is rich in a diverse range of natural resources – from gas deposits, to coal, to cobalt. Every year we harvest billions of tonnes of these finite resources, which will, in the not-too-distant future, become scarce.

That’s why changing our perception of the things we throw away from ‘waste’ to potential resources is key! Humans are blessed with a unique creative flair and the ability to improvise and innovate when faced with problems. By adopting a ‘waste-to-resource’ approach, we can unlock the potential of used items to produce sustainable benefits.

As custodians of the iThemba Campus, Focus on iThemba recognises that we have the responsibility to conserve and protect this special place. Through our Campus-wide recycling initiatives together with Waterfall Schools, we hope not only to play our part in transforming waste to resources, but also to impact the young minds on Campus – to create a culture in which the future generation is aware of the transformative power of using their unique innovation and inventive abilities.

This Global Recycling Day, we are reminded of the wide range of positive possibilities that lie ahead of us if we are able to transform our thinking for the benefit of all life on earth.