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The notion of charity speaks to the efforts of organisations and individuals who aim to uplift and advocate for the marginalised and underprivileged. Charity is a vehicle through which we can reach out to the wider parts of society, advancing culture, building social cohesion and contributing to the development of resilient societies at a grass roots level.

International Day of Charity was established by the UN with the objective of sensitising and mobilising people, NPOs and stakeholders around the world to take action with the means they have for the betterment of our world. This Day recognises the important role that charities play in bridging the gaps between societies and working to create a sustainable future for all. The value of charities is that through this bridge they are able to channel charitable efforts from the public into the areas that need it most, acting as an intermediary and helping to maximise the impact of resources.

At Focus on iThemba, we believe in the power that small acts of charity have in making a meaningful difference. We have seen the fruits of this manifest in and through the work of our Programmes and can speak to its ability to create life-altering positive change! As Mother Teresa said: “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and start with the person nearest to you”. Tackling the issues we see present in our society can be a daunting task! But through solid partnerships and with one step at a time, we believe we can make an impact that runs both deep and wide.

If you would like to partner with us in Building Bridges of Hope of life-altering positive change, please be in touch with us! You can reach us on 031 710 1800 or