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It brought our team the greatest pleasure to support our ten partner Pre-Schools with the compliant reopening of their schools. After a long 5 months of being at home, late last month our partner principals received the news from the Department of Social Development that their schools met all the COVID-19 requirements and they can officially reopen their doors to staff and children in September.

This in itself is a victory worth celebrating, as not only do these learning facilities provide the necessary age-appropriate Early Childhood Development to children in the Valley of 1000 Hills community, but they serve as places of employment for over 47 teachers and 10 principals.

Instrumental in the compliance process was, Busi Khumalo, our ECD Monitor. Her knowledge and understanding of each school’s operational systems, procedures and physical layout, helped in tailoring her approach to COVID-19 induction and training.

Naturally the attendance at school has gotten off to a slow start for all ten partner Pre-Schools as parents want to test the waters first, but, we are pleased to hear reports that more parents are starting to send their children back to school this week.

We would like to thank every #kindnesschamp for playing an integral part in the journey of getting these schools ready for reopening!