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Project Delight and Waterfall Prep have something super special going on that we LOVE! These two schools are just a stone’s throw away from each other and have a blossoming relationship that is bringing joy to many.

Our Campus partners, Waterfall Pre-Primary, Prep and College, share our heart for quality education and meaningful connections. The staff and families of Waterfall Schools have always leapt at the opportunity to walk alongside us and add value to our Programmes wherever possible, engaging in outreach programmes and donation drives throughout the year.

We are regularly blown away by staff members who take it upon themselves to take things to the next level, whose capacities and love tanks never seem to run dry. One such example of this is the Grade R teachers at Waterfall Preparatory who, having been introduced to Project Delight by us, wanted to create space for deeper connections that will feed many young hearts and minds.

Each alternating week, one Grade R class from Project Delight gets together with one Grade R class from Waterfall Prep and together they do what kids do best – they play and laugh, they get dirty and wet, they chase each other and make up games, they do woodwork and build sandcastles. After enjoying a long session of outdoor play, they sit together for story time where teachers from both schools read a book from their respective classrooms. Every second week when the little ones see each other, their friendships grow and without even realising it, they learn lessons about themselves, about each other and about life.

It brings us great joy to witness the blossoming relationship between these schools. The shared value gleaned from this for both staff and children is a reflection of what we hope to see across South African society. We look forward to watching the ripples of this initiative spread.