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This month, we had 8 teachers from our partnering Pre-Schools complete the final leg of their Orientation Course training with the Natal Early Learning Resource Unit (NELRU). Feelings of excitement and accomplishment gripped their hearts as they stepped back into their classrooms on Monday with confidence and an eagerness to practice the new skills which they have acquired!

The Course is 4 weeks long in duration and looks to empower teachers with knowledge and a better understanding on the importance of correct classroom layout, and practical ways to foster a stimulating environment where children can learn and thrive.

It is so rewarding and reassuring to walk into the classrooms of the teachers who’ve received training and see their classrooms functioning as learning hubs. The teachers take pride in their teaching spaces and use whatever material they have at their disposal to make fun and stimulating environments for the children. “Start where you are and use what you have!” We love to see the creativity of the teachers who are encouraged to apply this way of thinking to their classrooms, turning everyday items into assets. We hope that this way of thinking inspires the young minds who learn in these spaces too, teaching them that there is potential all around, if only we see it and use it for good.


Teacher training changes lives. It equips teachers, making them feel confident in their ability to correctly lead their classrooms. It creates opportunities for teachers to earn more and retain their positions. Ultimately it means that the children in their care are receiving quality Early Childhood Development, giving them the best start that will positively impact the rest of their lives.

Thank YOU for partnering with us to change lives – it is a blessing to witness monetary investments transformed into tangible, hope-bringing change!